Frequently Asked Questions

Headstones & Memorial Markers

Where Is Henry &Henry Monument Company located?

Our main office, plant, and display store is located at 207 Sturgis Road in Marion, KY, but we have a display and sales office at 602 US 62 E in Eddyville, KY, as well. (Please note: our Eddyville location will be closing June 30, 2023.) You also can find Henry & Henry sales personnel at funeral homes in the Kentucky cities of Henderson, Morganfield, and Providence, along with the Illinois cities of Rosiclare and Shawneetown.

What options do you have for monument colors?

We have many colors available, but our most common is gray. We also offer several shades of black and red, and we can even create pieces in blue or green.

How much are monuments?

There are no set prices for our monuments and markers. Instead, costs are based on three basic variables: size, color, and amount of polish. However, the shape of the piece you order can also affect the price.

How do I buy a monument?

The process for purchasing a Henry & Henry marker is very simple. First, contact or visit one of our locations, and then, a member of our sales staff will help you finalize your design and submit your order. We’ll also ask for the following information:

  1. What style and color do you want for the marker?
  2. If the stone is intended for a grave, to what cemetery will you need it delivered?
  3. Will the monument mark a grave for one person, two people, or an entire family?
  4. Will the piece be used for a traditional burial or cremation?

How long will it take to create a monument?

There is no definite timeframe for creating a marker. The completion time depends on the shape, color, etchings and other design features it may have. This monument will last forever, so we always take time to do it right. Not only is your family name on it but so is ours.

Can I add images to a monument design?

Yes, we can add a custom image in several ways. We can sandblast it into the stone, have it produced on a porcelain picture and embedded in the memorial, or hand-etch it directly onto the stone or an attached plaque.

How to remove mold or build up on existing monuments?

We do offer cleaning through our company charged at an hourly rate. Unfortunetly if a memorial is placed next to or near any trees this can occur quickly. If you would rather do this yourself we can offer tips to assist you. Call into our office at any time to ask questions. 

Contact Us

Henry & Henry Monuments is here to help you choose the right monument to honor an event, a place, or a loved one. Contact our expert sales staff to ask questions and start the design process. 

We encourage you to call or visit the Henry & Henry location nearest you today and start designing a new monument. If you prefer to contact us via email, please contact us at

Marion, Kentucky

(Display & Plant Location)

207 Sturgis Road
Marion, Kentucky 42064

Monday–Friday: 7 am to 5 pm
Saturday: 7 am to 12 pm

Eddyville, Kentucky

(Display Location)

602 US 62 East
Eddyville, Kentucky 42038

Mon/Wed/Fri: 9 am to 5 pm
Tues/Thurs: 12 pm to 5 pm
Call for appointments after hours.

PEASE NOTE: This office location will be closing June 30, 2023.
If you are seeking assistance in Henderson or Union Counties, please contact:
Steve Hoskins, Sales Representative